Why is finding a boy so hard?

Ok so, I'm out to most of the people in my life. It's been quite a journey but for the most part it's been good. I just decided to switch from my magnet school to the home school I should be going too and this is really sticking a wrench into my life's gears.

You see, I know people that go to this school from when I was in middle school. To them I am straight which means that I have to repeat the coming out process all over...
Trying to be positive I see one good thing that may possibly come of me coming out to new people... Maybe I'll finally find a guy who's boyfriend material. I've had a crush on someone at my current school for a while but it's a kindergarten crush I expected nothing from it.
Finding a boyfriend is hard to do. It definately has to do with the fact that gays are a small minority in an overcrowded sea of straights. There are less of us and to some extent many of us are much pickier than our straight counterparts. Looks are very important for many of us and many of us limit ourselves to a type. I am guilty of limiting my options based on appearance.
The thing is I've begun to wonder if, by limiting who we look for we limit who we see. With comparitively so few of us maybe we should all open our eyes to every gay person. Because you never know where true love might be hiding from you.

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Top Ten Reasons to be Gay

Just a little joke. My top ten reasons to be gay ;)

1. All the Hot guys are gay ;)
2. It's ok to look in the locker room
3. You get the awesome membership card!
4. V-necks and flip-flops are totally ok
5. Stuff becomes "fierce" and "fabulous"

6. Guys walk around shirtless... Completely uncensored
7. Can't get anyone pregnant
8. If you have a boyfriend, your wardrobe doubles
9. I can easily talk to people, without having to 'be a man' about it (I can cry)
10. It's Fun!!!

But seriously I want to clearly state that I believe being gay isn't a choice but that sexuality is determined from birth

What are some more reasons to be gay?
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Coming Out

Let me first make it clear that to many people, including my younger brother, I am still "in the closet". Second, this post is purely about friends as my parents deserve/need a whole post of their own. I have had a really hard time learning to accept myself, I'll post about that later.

Towards the end of this year, my sophomore year, I began to really understand who I was. I told one friend to start out with. He and I are very close friends. I'm his go to guy when he is feeling depressed or confused about life. He trusts me. I figured if I was going to come out to anyone he was a good place to start.

One day at school we were talking and I asked him if he thought I was gay. He said he kind of did but since I hadn't told him directly he wasn't sure. I told him plain and simple, "I'm gay". He laughed at me! I was angry at first but then I realized that he really didn't believe me... I told him I wasn't lying and when he still refused to believe me I let the issue go.

Apparently he decided that it would be a good idea to participate in a conversation about me during his english class. Now understand this next part is credible here-say. A group of my other friends were discussing the possibility of me being gay. Ok nothing new. Thing was all of these friends had noticed that lately I hadn't denied being gay, I just hadn't said anything at all. The one person I had come out to effectively outed me to most of my friends by saying that I had jokingly "fake come-out" to him.

See the thing is, a lot of people at my school think I'm gay. I've denied it and denied it and denied it. Still they are sure that I am gay. I don't know what it is, but I feel like many kids can spot a gay classmate long before that person has come to terms with their own lives.

I quickly worked damage control. I came out personally to each of my close friends because if they didn't know already they would have soon. Everyone that I cared about took it well. To some it wasn't a bit surprising. One of my best friend's boyfriend is severely homophobic. He talks about how all gays should die and how if he were president he would outlaw gays (basically crazy). She unfortunately chose him over me. But whatever. What can I do?

School ended basically right after that, so many friends of mine that I don't consider very close still don't know. Also friends from my home town which I moved from three years ago do not know. Honestly it is a huge weight off my shoulders to be able to be my true, slightly flamboyant self around my friends.

I was/am teased constantly at school about being a "fag", "faggot", "queer", "homo". I used to get really upset and I thought something was wrong with me. Really though, I'm not different from anyone else. Now these comments just prove to me the ignorance of so many people. I wear v-neck t-shirts and flip flops but big deal. I don't have a lisp, a sway, or a boyfriend. I'm just me, but some kids are so insecure that they must highlight other people to take attention off of themselves.

If you have a coming out story, good or bad, please post it in a reply.

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Ok so...

I've tried to blog once before. It was on Wordpress.com which I didn't love. It was about technology which it is hard to have enough content for. I'm trying again, but this time it's about me. I'm a gay teen. I'm in high school and this blog will chronicle my life as A Gay Teen. I'm gay but I don't shove it in peoples faces. I'm not going to update on a schedule just whenever something exciting happens. (Once or twice a week... maybe more) I hope you guys like it. Please if anyone reading has a question about life as a gay teen that I could try to answer and post the results that would be awesome. Keep Reading